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          the .ent       General overview

The .ent

The .items

The .script


this where u put the entites of the mission:   let's have a look on this exemple


//printing press bomb


classname "trigger_bomb"

goalnumber "1"

origin "-753 -312 18"

spawnflags "1"

angle "270"


// Printing Press


classname "func_breakable"

Script "Press"

health "500"

type "1"

model "*51"


if u read CAREFULLY this part u can understand what is it. (it is the bomb and the func_breakable of  Bahamut, the frist objective) Now if u look into the u will only find a func_static. (witch is the printing press). This func_staitc have a key "script" where the value is "press". it's "like" with the spot light.( target/targetname) in Bahamut, this func_static is set to "func_breakable". so we find the usual breakable parametres like type "1" for the wood effect. there is one line model "*51". This line is create when u compile the map (remember it, it's important) so when u will make ur own .ent, open your compiled .map (so your new .bsp) with a good .txt editor (like wordpad witch is given in windows) and search for "Script "x"" ( try with bahamut, open it wih wordpad and search "press", now look for the model number. it's *51)

now for the trigger_bomb, we creat it here. so u have to copy the part and change the origin "-753 -312 18" with u one you need for your map. (use a light or somthing to get the coordinate in your map.)

 goalnumber "1" is the number of the objective. ( is it the first, the second...?)

spawnflags "1" is the number of the team (1=red 2=blue)

use again something to get the angle u need for ur map.

when you save ur file take care to save it as .ent